The Advantages of Utilizing Whizzinator for Urine Tests


Whizzinators are devices that could be utilized for a lot of uses. One of its usual uses is for urine tests. The whizzinator is utilized by employees and sports person in order to pass the urinalysis. It is like a fake genitalia which produces synthetic urine. Continue reading this article to know the benefits of whizzinators.

1. Discreet - the person using the whizzinator could put in into his pants, and nobody can detect it. It comes along with leg waistbands and leg straps that make it secured to the waist. Also, it is built with ultra-silent flow system that permits urine to flow without any noise. The model is specifically designed for women who can hold onto her skin by means of wearing sports pant like the one that it doesn't protrude. If not in use, the user could place it in the bra with the assistance of synthetic belt.

2. Easy to use - this is a very simple device wherein anybody can utilize it in order to beat their urine test. The product's manufacturer provides a guide with all the important instructions to aid the users who may have difficulty in using it. Its parts can be easily cleaned and assembled. The waistband and straps could be tied up with ease to the waist and legs respectively. There is also a provided syringe that would be helpful in cleaning and refilling. When you are preparing for the test, the user would only take few minutes to wear the whizzinator.

3. Keeps your urine warm - the real urine is naturally warm when it is still fresh. This is method is usually done by examiners to know if it is a synthetic urine. Whizzinators are beneficial in regards to this situation. It has an organic heating pad that would maintain the synthetic urine's temperature. So the urine examiners would not suspect any synthetic urine whenever whizzinators are involved.

4. Safe to use - of course, one of the main advantages of utilizing a whizzinator for your urine test is it is safe for your body. The device is created from materials that are approved by the health and safety authorities. As what has been mentioned earlier, the heating pads are from organic materials. Also, the artificial urine is a medically graded substance. The waistbands and straps are created from top quality and safe materials which is just smooth in one's body. Read more here.